It truly is devastating once the product of your time and effort, your money, goes completely out of your grasp. In a company, the lives involved don’t only focus on those in the executive position. Every staff member, worker, or employee is affected by all the decisions the authority makes. Although the first who would take the blow of bankruptcy is the owner, all the staff below will also be very much affected, especially those who have their source of income solely dependent on the company.

Bankruptcy is considered as the rock bottom stage in the cycle of a company. Many businessmen are not able to overcome the burden of the insolvency or the loss of all the effort that was established in the span of time. It is the darkest phase in the lives of entrepreneurs. Bankruptcy is the situation that is very heartbreaking as you watch everything that you’ve established – everything that you’ve worked for – go to waste. However, bankruptcy is definitely not the end for everything. It is only the mark to start a new beginning. So, to overcome the trial, a person must do these different steps.

Move on

Although it is difficult to forget the pain of defeat and the embarrassment of the loss, still a person must have the determination to let go and move on. You can cry if you must, mourn if you have to, and be depressed for a short time, as this is just the beginning in the process of accepting that you lost in the game. That everything you’ve worked hard for is gone. It is definitely not easy to overcome and forget the humiliation of the sudden fall, but you have to get back up and fight like a man – telling to the world that this is just the first fall towards learning and succeeding – for everything happens for a reason.

Adjust the Budget and Expenses

Of course, since you just came from a ruin, you must be conscious and mindful of all your expenses. Spending for what is a must is the ideal budgeting strategy for those who lack resources. It is only practical to slowly save after a loss. You wouldn’t want to experience that financial dilemma again, would you?


Avoid Credits or Debts

This is where the common mistake lies to all those who experienced bankruptcy. Once a person suffers from severe financial loss, it is good to think that the chapter of too much credit has ended. If a person really wants to stand back up, he must start anew.  You need to have to realize the wrong steps you had made in the past and learn from it. Before you get into debts, you have to be able to stand first for you to face another challenge.

Stop blaming others for the loss

The person must accept that everything has a purpose. If you have ended up that way, then it probably is necessary. This is why you should stop finger pointing people around you. It is important to take the responsibility of being one of the reasons why it ended up that way.

Acceptance and Recovery

This is the last stage of overcoming the loss from a bankruptcy. You must accept the reality of life – which bad things also have to happen. Then recover from the stress and depression. Only then, you will realize the reason of why life put you in that state and then be ready for a new and better tomorrow.

The best key to recover from bankruptcy is the change of mindset – be optimistic on the situation, depression won’t do you any good. You must stop indulging yourself in the misery of failure; instead, you got to face your life head on as you slowly pull yourself together and begin a new chapter – for, on the time of fall, the only option of response is to stand back up. Just like in the saying, “As life pushes you down, the only way back is up”.